About Lisa

DSC_2099My Name is Lisa Graff, I am 26-years old! I joined LuLaRoe a little more than one year ago and was one of the first 300 reps to join this amazing company. I have been married for almost 7 years and have two beautiful daughters, Tynlee (5) and Laiklyn (4 months). My husband, Devin is my best friend and business partner and every day we are blown away at how LuLaRoe is changing our lives!

When we joined LuLaRoe we had no idea about the potential income we would create. The opportunity to join this company fell into my lap at what seemed to be the least opportune time of my life. I was mourning the loss of a very close family member, my husband was finishing graduate school, and we had the most restricted budget of our married life. Despite all of this, I had a feeling that this was the right opportunity for me. After talking with my husband, he was on board and we jumped in with both feet! Little did we know what a personal and financial blessing this would be for us.

We spent the following months learning our new business and taking every chance we could to share it with others. During all of this we were trying for our second child. The two years before I found LuLaRoe were an emotional and hormonal roller coaster ride. I experienced a number of miscarriages and then two more right after I joined. In addition to that, I was dealing with post traumatic stress and anxiety from the death of my loved one. In a way, I feel that LuLaRoe saved me. It broke me out of this struggle and allowed me to spread my wings and fly. It sparked drive, confidence, and the joy I’ve always had but lost amid challenging times. I discovered new dreams and goals for myself and my family. I rekindled old friendships and in doing so shared with them this life changing opportunity.

LuLaRoe is as good as it sounds. It is a unique and beautiful company. I have watched it bless my life and the lives of many others. My “WHY” for LuLaRoe has evolved throughout my journey. First it was a job from home that sounded like fun that would distract me from hard times. Now it is empowering women and sharing with them what LuLaRoe really means to me, and what it can offer for them. I am committed to the women in my LuLaRoe family. I love them and I find happiness in their success and growth.