What We Offer


Our team is led by one of the top leaders in the company who was with LuLaRoe from the beginning. We have learned the true culture of LuLaRoe and have instilled that knowledge to build the foundation or our own successful businesses and are passing that on to those who join our team.

After joining our team you will be given access to many tools and receive support to aide in your success on your LuLaRoe journey. We strongly believe that Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.) and we want to share what we have learned with you. Here is a snapshot of some of the tools that we offer:

Business Plan- If you are going through a 3rd party for financing to begin your LuLaRoe journey, you will want this business plan. It will give them the information needed to help make this process go more smoothly.
(link to Funding Your Business)

Business Manager- This document is perfect for all of you who love “numbers”. Accounting, ordering, mileage tracking…all in one stop.


Payoff Estimator- A fellow member of our team has created and designed the most incredible spreadsheet that will help you determine how many pieces you need to sell in order to make your initial investment back. We are certain you will be surprised at how quickly that can happen once you start plugging in the numbers. This along with our business manager is useful tools to supply your bank if applying for financing.

Supportive Husbands
We love our hubby’s and appreciate the support that they offer to us. They are our business partners and biggest cheerleaders. Their example and fun witty sense of humors will resonate as they interact with our team.

FAQ- We have taken the most commonly asked questions from people interested in joining the business and surveyed fashion consultants to help come up with the best answers to help you make this decision easier. There may even be answers to questions you have never even thought of. FAQs

Supply Shopping List

Everyone learns differently so we offer a wide variety of video tutorials from navigating through your point of sale system/application, better known as Audrey, to setting up your Facebook group for online sales.

Here are just a few of the videos you will have access to:
• Invoicing
• Shipping
• Placing Orders
• Photographing your Inventory
• Hosting a pop up
• Leadership Compensation Plan
Support Groups- You will be added to several Facebook groups where you will be able to gather information and ideas from other fashion consultants and leaders, receive motivation, be inspired, encouraged, and challenged. With our team, support is something you will never have to worry about.
Weekly Trainings- You will be engaged in weekly training calls from your team leaders and consultants as well as group business opportunity calls.

Webinars- There’s nothing like putting a face to a name! We want you to get to know us and we want to get to know you. Seeing someone’s emotions and expressions are sometimes worth more than a million words that can be said over the phone or through text/email.

Tools to build your own team- This may not be something you are interested in now, but women will see your success and they want to be a part of it too! Our team is amazing at helping you grow your own team. As mentioned above you will have access to live business opportunity calls, documents and videos that you can share with potential consultants.

Documents, documents, documents- From what to do while you are waiting for your inventory to how to launch your business successfully. We gotcha covered!

Tools to promote your business- We believe in sharing what we have built. We will give you ideas on how to grow your customer base and see success in your sells. Promoting your page and sharing customers through loop giveaways is just a sample of what you will get.

Professional pictures and graphics
Online Parties- Where do we begin? Online is hot right now. There are so many different ways and ideas on how to run a successful online party. Getting your hostesses and customers to engage with you during these parties is something we have mastered and we are excited to share those ideas with you!

In Home Pop-Up: LuLaRoe was designed to be an in home “party” business. Building relationships with those who live in your area is very beneficial. Being able to try on the clothes in person and be in a fun environment is an experience that your customers will remember, and when they fall in love with the product they will know who to contact to shop again. We have the tools to create invitations, fliers, and make your set up and tear down fast and easy.
(Insert still shot from pop up video?)

VIP Loyalty Program- We have an awesome document to capture what styles and how much your customers buy from you. You can use this information to create a loyalty program that will encourage them to come back and shop with you time and time again.

Incentives- We love to give out challenges and rewards. Because how do you know what you’re capable of achieving unless you know what’s attainable? And a little fun gift for reaching your goals is always a sweet surprise.

Website upon reaching ranks- We want you to have what we have. Isn’t this website AMAZING?! Once you have grown your team and have reached the level of Trainer, you will have the opportunity to have your OWN website similar to this one at a fraction of the cost.

Access to team website

Did you notice the log-in button on the home page? This website has so much more to offer you behind the scenes. Join our team and you’ll get access to all kinds of helpful tools all in one easy location.
And last, but certainly not least, our confidence, leadership skills, and experience will help give you the foundation that you need to run your own successful business and reach goals that you may have never thought even possible. We are excited to have you join us!